Under Cover Boss Services

With our Secret Shopper Service you will
get candid assessments about your operations and
customer service that will empower you to drive
your business to the next level—from the inside out.

Under Cover Bosses Go Behind the Scenes

Are you curious to know how visitors and/or employees see you? What their gripes, raves, and experiences are? With our Secret Shopper Service you will gain knowledge that is important to your business’s success, and fixing what’s wrong can mean:

  • Higher revenues
  • Superior guest experiences
  • Enthusiastic social-media reviews
  • Increased attendance
  • A more motivated and productive staff

Let Us Be Your Under Cover Boss

With our Secret Shopper Service we’ll find out how things are working and give you an expert, 360-degree view of your operation. We can focus on any or all of these areas:

  • Employee performance
  • Visitor satisfaction, including authentic feedback about guests’ experiences
  • Service standards
  • Operational efficiency
  • Branding

Our Experience

We’ve conducted thousands of evaluations for all types of service-based industries, including restaurants, hotels, FECs and theme parks. Our detailed, highly illuminating reports reveal what needs improvement and what’s working well.  Let us help you with our Secret Shopper Service.

Our Secret Shopper Service Process

  • Our experts go under cover to glean the necessary information
  • We prepare a detailed report of their findings
  • We present our evaluation to you and decide on next steps together

Our Results

Our under cover operation delivers results that can be used to improve all areas of your site, from customer service to employee performance to operational efficiency. You may also learn that your programs are working great!

Ready to go under cover with DEK? Contact us today.