Powerful Coaching and Training Programs

DEK works! As long as you keep our program principles
in place, we promise you’ll continue to see results for years to come.

Our Sweet Spot: Delivering Personalized Front Line Team Training to Leaders and Staff


  • Increase revenue? Motivate your team to become peak performers? Enhance the guest experience? Or something else?
  • Provide in-depth professional training to staff, coach leadership, or both?
  • Get an objective assessment from experts to identify exactly what you need?

No matter where you are in the process, our front line team training will help you laser-focus and make things — not just better— but amazing.


First, we listen. You tell us what’s on your mind and what you’d like to accomplish.

Then we observe. We tour your site, analyze what’s going on, and note our perceptions. As seasoned experts and objective “outsiders,” we often see things our clients don’t.

Next, we design and implement the solution, which is tailored to your specific needs, requirements, and budget.

Best part: Results are immediate! You get to witness change while it’s happening.

Finally, we leave you with all the tools and resources you need to continue progressing and growing.

Creating Value™ Program for Employees and Leaders
Guest Services and Sales Training

Build cohesive teams that are focused, energized, and accountable.
The heart of a successful business is teamwork. A cohesive, motivated staff builds morale, leads to better guest experiences, and ultimately increases revenue.

Our signature program—customized to your exact needs—is designed for your customer-facing team members. We regularly train front line staff ranging from 50 to 500 employees.

Often, staff members don’t appreciate the importance of their role within your organization. Helping them understand how vital they are is crucial to their—and your business’s—success. We accomplish this through strong messaging, role-play, and analysis of your operation.

Creating Value™ program includes:

Initial Consultation – We discuss your objectives and “pain points” and use the information to set measurable goals and accountabilities.

Vision and Mission – These get woven into the training materials we create for your team. (If you don’t have a vision/mission, we’ll help you craft one.)

Employee Training – Delivered to all front-line staff.

Train the Trainer – We provide this service to the leaders/coaches/trainers who are responsible for program sustainability after we’re gone.

On-Site Coaching – We coach leaders/coaches/trainers on our Powerful Coaching© techniques and shadow them on site.

Remote Coaching – Our remote coaching calls help you sustain the Powerful Coaching© techniques taught on site.

Follow-up remote coaching – Daily coaching calls for up to three weeks, then follow-up monthly calls.

Ongoing Support – Many clients choose to have refresher programs to re-invigorate existing or train new staff seasonally.


Creating Value™ generally rolls out in less than five weeks, but timing may vary based on the number of participants and intensity of the program.

Why It Works

Simple: Because we achieve results. Getting staff to buy in and be accountable is our top priority—and our claim to fame. Just ask our clients.  We stay on board until the goals we set are achieved—and we give you all the tools you need to sustain your success.

Creating Value™ Sample Program
Designed for a front-line admissions team of 60 employees

  • On-site consultation to determine scope and content of training
  • Delivery of Train the Trainer program – one two-hour training class
  • Delivery of front-line staff training – four two-hour training classes for up to 16 participants per class
  • On-site coaching – two days
  • Follow-up remote coaching – daily coaching calls for three weeks, then follow-up monthly calls
  • On-site wrap-up with delivery of sustainability plan

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Powerful Coaching© Program
DEK Tools for Effective Leaders

Learn to engage, inspire, and motivate your staff.

So much of your site’s success depends on staff dedication, confidence, and performance. How can you help your employees be their best and thrive in their roles?

Our Powerful Coaching© program shows you how in three steps:

  1. Initial goal-setting consultation
  2. On-site coaching and training and learning to use the best tools from our toolbox
  3. Follow-up coaching off-site to support goals and maintain success

Typical Results After Powerful Coaching©

  • More cohesive and knowledgeable leadership team, resulting in fewer management issues
  • Energized, inspired, and engaged staff; lower employee turnover
  • Delighted visitors and better online reviews
  • Increased revenue
  • Creation of a culture for success

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If you’re looking for guidance on one or more specific topics, here are some of our most popular offerings:

  • Coaching for Success
  • Improving Business Practices
  • Improving Business Culture
  • How to Develop Effective Supervisors
  • Effective Project Planning
  • Operational Business Leadership
  • Emerging Leaders Training
  • Successful Seasonal Staff Training
  • Recognition Program Development
  • Mission-Statement Development Workshops
  • Best Practices for Hiring Great Team Members

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