This week was Global Selfie Day, and all over the world people are taking a critical look at themselves and their impact on the environment. Taking a selfie exploded as a phenomenon because it isn’t often that we get the opportunity to view ourselves the way that others see us. Even less frequently do we get the chance to adjust a few things before projecting that image to the world. After all, think about how much effort many of us put into taking the perfect selfie. Is the lighting right? Is the angle right? Is my hair right? This is also a great opportunity to take a leadership selfie and see how you could benefit from that kind of examination.

If you were to take a leadership selfie and examine crucial areas of your business and how you interact with others, what would you see? What would you love and what would you want to adjust? Every year, my work at DEK takes me to sites across country to examine and tweak many of these areas. Here are some of the most common traits that could be polished with a new “filter:”

Accountability: Many of us know what needs to be done—we just aren’t sure how to get our teams on board with doing it. The truth is, a lot of our sites are doing a hundred things right—the trick is to make sure that they you it with every guest, every time. One of the most powerful ways that we help is by providing an external structure for accountability to support coaches and front-line teams in understanding what they should be emphasizing and looking for on a day-to-day basis. Once staff know what’s expected of them, even if the bar is high, they often shock their leaders (and themselves) with their results. Are you holding your team accountable for their results?

Vision: Sometimes, people aren’t sure what’s expected of them because they’re not sure what the team goal looks like. Communicating a clear vision of what success looks like for the them, for the team, and for the site can go a long way towards generating buy-in from your staff. People are naturally goal-oriented as well as team-oriented, and they love the recognition that comes with hitting their goals. Communicating what to strive for and celebrating the wins of doing it right could make all the difference. Are you painting a compelling vision for your team?

People Skills: Maybe your people know what to do, and something else is getting in the way of actually doing it. For many leaders, people are the toughest part of the business to navigate. Some people just need a little extra nudging, some will be rock stars, and some may not be a good fit for the team altogether. A good rule of thumb is to hire for personality and people skills, which are much harder to teach and refine than technical skills. As a good leader, you’ll find the balance between watching from afar (which provides perspective) and on-site, real-time coaching- giving you insight and connection to the immediate challenges your staff may be facing. Are you leading, or just telling people what to do?

As a leader, your level of development, engagement and connection will always set the bar for what is expected from your team. Taking a selfie is an opportunity to view your leadership, your team, and your results from a different angle. Celebrate what works, and make any needed changes. Periodically taking a moment to check in on where you’re at, and how that image shows up for others, can make all the difference in creating sustainable- and shareable- results!